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I'm a wife and a mother to three amazing children. My newest adventure is being the mom of a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love many things and hope to begin blogs for each of those chapters in my life.

Cape Benton!

Well, this week has been an awesome one for sure! Lots of traveling happened this week! We arrived in Dominion on Thursday around 5ish and we went to the church so that I could finish the Training Plan for the transfer! That was fun! Then we went out and had some visits with people which was really cool! Friday, we did lots of planning! But, that was great! I love my new companion, Elder Benson! He is from Cache Valley, Utah! He has only been out for 3 months and is an awesome Elder! He is very skilled! Well, we just went out and worked lots on Saturday and had fun playing ball hockey with some non-member guys! That was so fun! The area that I am in is really, really big! It used to be a Zone for missionaries but, now it is just 2 elders and a amazing senior couple! Elder Dykes is from New Zealand and Sister Dykes is from Holland! They are really cool! They have been doing lots of less-active work and helping people come back! That is always a great thing!

That is about it for the week! We had some snow fall but, not enough to stick or build up! I am so excited for winter!

Oh yeah, the District is doing great! The sisters have a baptism on the 25th of November! That is so exciting! We have one for December 9th! It is just going great!

Love to hear from LOTS OF PEOPLE back at home!

Have a great week!

I will send for pictures next week I promise!


Elder Golder



Well, I am being transferred to Eskasoni which is the very tippy top of Nova Scotia. I am very excited! I have also been called as a District Leader! That is going to be so much fun! I am so excited! Well, this week has been a great one! We have found so many more people to teach! The work is still moving along in Miramichi! Elder Fullmer’s new companion is Elder Harris! They are going to rock it in Miramichi! I am going to miss Miramichi loads! It has been a great area and we had great success. I gave a training about spiritual studies in district meeting this past week which was really good! I thought of these steps to have more spiritual studies:

1. Open with Prayer

2. Read or study material

3. Ask/Ponder on material

4. Read or ponder again

5. Apply it in Life

6. Share with a person

7. Close with Prayer!

I always like sharing what I learn, because it helps me learn and grow. When I can hear it and have the other person answer questions or give their opinion on the topic, it’s awesome!

I challenge everybody to have a spiritual study of the Book of Mormon this week! It is a wonderful book and it contains the fullness of the Gospel!

I love you all!


Elder Golder

Happy Halloween!

Wow! And just like that my 2nd Halloween on the Mission! Craziness! This week has been a great one! We have had lots of successful contacts with some previous investigators! We have been working really hard! Lots of good things happening in the area! We had Trunk-or-Treat on Saturday with the Twig. Sunday, we had Branch Conference which was great as usual! We also gave Bobby the Priesthood also while we had the stake leaders there! We went to an investigators mothers wake (Bobbi is an investigator in Halifax but her parents live in Miramichi, plus I got to teach her when I was in Halifax a couple months ago!) That was really cool! Monday night before Family Home Evening with the Twig, Elder Fullmer and I walked through OZ to get to our investigators house to walk with him to FHE! That was a Joy Muddy Journey! (OZ=Forest behind the church.) Well it was a great week! Also, Tasha fed us Lazy Mom Lasagna which was delicious!!!

Hope everybody has a wonderful Halloween and a safe Halloween!

Don’t forget to send your Homie in Miramichi an email this week! Sure want to here from Y’all!

Its transfers next week, so I will be writing on Wednesday! Have a great week!


Elder Golder

Kitabu cha Mormoni!

Well this week has been a great one! We have been doing lots of work in the area! We picked up some new gators this week! Which is always great! We had Bobby at church and he is doing so well! Ann is doing great also! She is so funny and she has been doing better with her health which is a great thing! We had exchanges on Saturday in Bathurst which was really fun! Elder Crandall and I went in the morning to knock and find people to teach! Then we had a companion study over Skype as a district. Then Elder Sawa-Sawa and I went out for the rest of the day! We were going to teach some people, but they fell through so we knocked and talked to a lady for 45 minutes which was really cool! We went back after dinner to the same street to finish knocking, because you know, “Fourth Floor, Last Door”. We got to talk to everybody! When we started knocking again, we found a lady that was hit by a car when she was 12 and survived! She was so cool! Well, I got to teach a lesson in Swahili with Elder Sawa-Sawa which was really cool because it means that anybody can be ready for the gospel! Well that was the week!

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Remember to read the scriptures! They can make your day so much better!


Elder Golder

This picture is from our photoshoot a couple weeks ago.

Bobby Got Baptized!!!

Well, this week has been a great one! We had so much fun last week in Moncton. We had lots of fun playing sports and eating a turkey dinner that Brother Williams made for us! It was awesome! We got back into Miramichi, Tuesday night and Elder Crandall and I went on exchanges while Elder Fullmer and Elder Sawa-Sawa went and did the interview… (Elder Sawa-Sawa is our District Leader.) We had a good day on Wednesday! Even though we had lots of lessons fall through… Thursday we helped a member with Home Teaching! It was fun! We had Institute for the members here that night which was good! Well, fast forward to Saturday! We had our morning appointment fall through which was rough, but it was okay! We had a photo shoot with an investigator (the Sister’s investigator) which was really funny and fun! Then we traveled to Bathurst for the baptism of Bobby! Which was awesome! It was a really cool experience to see him grow and blossom into a great member and he’s always wanting to learn! He is growing so well! We had Stake Conference which we had to drive back up to Bathurst to watch it because they couldn’t get it Skyped down to us! That was okay! Elder Fullmer gave Bobby the Gift of the Holy Ghost which was awesome! We had a pretty good week! Also yesterday while we were at the soup kitchen, a lady had a seizure and fell and hit her head…. Elder Fullmer and I got to help which it made me so excited to become an RN one day!

Well, hope everybody had a wonderful week! Still want to hear from lots of you happy people!


Elder Golder

Canadaian Thanksgiving & Fun!

Well this week has been a great one! Things have been going great! Elder Fullmer and I have been working hard and well, we are going to have a baptism this Saturday! We bumped up Bobby’s baptism to this Saturday, which is going to be really, really awesome! Well my studies have been really great this week! I have been learning more about the Spirit and how it works! It is really mind blowing! Something that I got out of it was the difference between the Gift Of the Holy Ghost and The Power Of the Holy Ghost!

Power: Is the convincing witness of a truth! It is what we all had when we found out about the Gospel for ourselves, that it was true! It are the feelings that Galatians 5:22 talks about. It is when we put a commandment to test and have a convincing witness that the commandment is true!

Gift: Is the constant Companionship of the Holy Ghost, to always be there on your side when you are faced with opposition. It is the Comforter. He is what guides us through life giving us the help and boost of peace, joy, love, Comfort!

Well, I hope everybody has a wonderful week!

Love you all,

Elder Golder

General Conference!!!

Wow, what a conference that was! It was so good! It was so good to hear all the talks that were given (even though I am making up sessions that Elder Fullmer and I missed). Things are going great! We have lots of people we are still teaching! We have one who is progressing really well! He is on track for baptism on the 21st of October! It is going to be awesome! This past weekend was the highlight for sure and is still running through my head!

I want to hear everybody’s favorite talk is from Conference! So you should email me! Haha😉

Well, my favorite talk was Elder Bednar’s talk! It is so important to keep the Sabbath Day Holy! Always going to the temple! Hope everybody can go to the temple at least once this week!

Hope y’all have a great week!


Elder Golder

Oh yeah it is hunting season up here so I thought I would go and get something! (Jk I wish) That thing was huge!


Well, I survived transfers and I am staying in Miramichi for another transfer with Elder Fullmer! We are excited to see what this transfer brings and what is in store for us! I am excited to serve here again and to help more people find the gospel! Well, we had a baptism on Saturday! It took up our whole day getting there to Bathurst, where the font is! We got Ann there and got her already! (Well, the sisters helped getting her dressed and all) It was a very spirit filled baptism and was a very cool experience getting to baptize her! Elder Fullmer helped too because she is an older lady… He gave her the Holy Ghost which was awesome! The best thing about it is when I went to put her under water I told her to plug her nose and when I brought her up she told me that I,” forgot to tell her to close her mouth!” Haha! I died laughing so did she and Elder Fullmer! It was amazing! This past week we have been focusing getting investigators to church! With General Conference coming up we are hoping for people to experience that sweet joy of hearing from the Prophet and Apostles! I am so excited for it!

Well, I hope everybody has a wonderful week!

Still love hearing from everybody!


Elder Golder

There Can Be Miracles When You Believe…

Wow, what a week! It is crazy how fast it went…. Well to start off, we had exchanges which was really cool and produced so much! We found 6 new investigators with that exchange! We are now teaching 14 people!! It is an awesome blessing to see a small area grow into a wonderful area! The reason for the title of my letter is because, “if you believe that there can be miracles they will happen!” I was reading a talk this week called, “Believing Christ: A Practical Approach to the Atonement” by Stephen E. Robinson. He gives a parable about the Atonement that everybody should read.

I hope everybody has a wonderful week! I strongly encourage you to read that talk and email me about it!

Have a wonderful week!


Elder Golder

By the way, I will be mailing on Wednesday next week because it is going to be transfers again!

The Importance of Study

Wow, well this week was a good one! It was a little slower, but still a good week! Right now we have about 8 investigators and it is still climbing! We had a good week teaching and finding but, when district meeting came, it was very inspirational. It was very minding blowing to see just how important studies really are! There was about 7 ways that we agreed on that would make our studies better:

1: Begin with a prayer. Not just to open your studies but, ask for understanding on what you are about to read and study.

2: We have to work for our studies. You can’t just sit there and expect to learn.

3: You have to have consistency in your studies.

4: Ponder over your studies. Moroni 10:4 says that we have to ponder it in our hearts.

5: Make connections with our studies, not just read and think about it but, make personal connections with the text.

6: Write in a Study Journal!

7: Close with a prayer.

Well, that is about it! I hope that you have a wonderful week and to try and focus your studies! We have to be Doers of the word not just Hearers! James 1: 22-23

Well hope you all have a great week!


Elder Golder

 Our conversion is like a fire you start small and grow big in a bon-fire!