Two Weeks Worth…

Well this week have been a good one! We have been doing lots of work. We have picked up another investigator Steven. He is friends with our other investigator Donna. He is pretty quite but really listens to the teachings. I have been doing lots of pancake making and shoot dang I can whip up some great pancakes! I am pretty sure my skills are up there with chefs (haha jk) but they are some great ones. Can’t believe that time flies when you are having fun! Well also a funny story for the week was I was making pancakes and Elder Phillips went to heat up syrup and when he picked up out of the microwave the glass shatter and syrup went everywhere!! It was Hilarious!!  
Well hope everybody has a great week! Remember to always read the Book Of Mormon! 
P.S. Hope to hear from lots of family this summer! 

Elder Golder

Canada Day!!!
Well this week was great! We had lots of fun on Canada Day! We had Burger Mania II with the Elders Quorum! It was lots of fun! Our burger that we put in the contest was Papa Z’s recipe and we had an egg, candy onions (we put AMERICAN Mountain Dew with brown sugar and had them soak for the night and also Mountain Dew kick start black cherry for the other onions). We also candied bacon with cream soda! It was really good! Well my time in Saint John is up and I am moving to the smallest branch in our mission (7 members). It is called Miramichi, New Brunswick! I am so excited to have a fresh start and find more people to teach! I have been studying lots about the time when Jesus Christ came to the Nephites and how powerful and how much faith they had! I am so thankful for being on a mission and helping others grow in the gospel as well!

I hope everybody had a great 4th of July and a safe one!

Still would love to hear from lots of people!


Elder Golder


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