Zone Conference…

WOW!!!Well, we had Zone Conference yesterday! Shoot dang that was amazing! So much learned and so much that I am changing about the way I look at and see things! It was all about real intent and how do we build and strengthen our purpose as missionaries! We talked about if we have real intent and don’t be PERFUNCTORILY (that’s a really big word)!! We also talked about our obedience and how we as missionaries need to be more WATCHFUL when we have so many standards and rules placed before us! So that Satan (oh that cunning one) doesn’t slowly guide us off the straight and narrow path! One of the quotes that I heard that I thought was amazing was,

“Sometimes one must

 travel far to discover

 what is near”

It is so true! Well, this week was a good one for sure! Can’t wait to see what this week brings!

Have a great week!

Hope everybody had a Great Memorial Day!

Still want to hear from lots of people!

~Elder Golder~

P.S. – Thanks again to Sister Gina Crilley for sending pictures.  She is an amazing friend and support to our missionaries.  


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