Member Missionary Work!

Well this week has been a great one! Not a lot of things have happened this past week but, it was a great one! We had a fireside on Sunday to motivate the missionary work in our ward and I think that it was an amazing thing for those who were there! I learned lots from preparing it and conducting and seeing the importance of members in missionary work! I have grown to love having members come to lessons and to fellowship investigators at church! Members don’t realize that they are so important in fellowshipping people in the church that are learning! They are the key to keep converts of the church active! I love having the members help out here in Canada.

I have grown a greater appreciation for members and how important they are in missionary work! It truly is a blessing to have them be helping in missionary work! It also helps if you have great friendships that create this wonderful thing!

I challenge all of you to go out and find somebody who needs some love from a friend and help them and grow your relationship you will be amazed how it will brighten somebody’s day!

I still want to hear from lots of people!


~Elder Golder~

P.S. Thanks to Sister Crilley for the pictures! She’s awesome!


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