Sermon on the Mount…

Well this week has been a great one! Lots of things are happening! We have lots of investigators being taught right now! Can’t believe that we are already in April – it is crazy! How was General Conference for everybody? IT was flipping awesome for me! So many things learned and applied in my life already that it is crazy! We had lots of fun during the sessions and lots of Bulk Barn (a type of penny-candy shop) was bought! We had a fun day today! We went to the Harley Davidson shop and looked around it was cool to see all the bikes and razors and four wheelers they had! Well this is a very A.D.D. email home but, oh well that is what happens when you have billions of things running through your head all at once! Well here are some pictures that I took this week!

I want to hear from everybody on how they liked conference!

Well hope everybody has a great week!

Challenge is to read the Sermon on the Mount and see how Jesus Christ taught!


Elder Golder

P.S. transfers are next week so I will be writing on Wednesday!!


One comment

  1. Dear Elder Austin.
    Thank you for keeping me up with what is going on in your mission work.
    You are always in my prayers.
    Love, Opa


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