Well, I told yeah that this week was going to be interesting! We didn’t have our car for most of the week, but we needed it for an appointment on Tuesday morning. I was getting on the highway to pick up the other Elders at the church and all the sudden a big, big seagull comes down to get something off the road and bang I hit it…. It got stuck on the car and the worst part was when I looked at it, it looked right at me and gave me a horrible look…. What a way to start the week off! Well, we had to miss district meeting because Elder Shambrook and I had a lesson with a potential investigator and it went really well! Thursday came along and we still didn’t have our car, so we were using the other Elders but they had to go to Grand Bay for the afternoon. Around 2:00, the car was finally ready so we had a member drop us off to pick it up! We went on exchanges on Saturday and well, that was good! Elder Cox and I always have a blast and I’m having so many memories happen on my mission that I am going to treasure for my whole life!

Well, to all those back at home getting their mission calls, the work that you are about to do is going to be the best thing that you can do for those two years of your life! It is going to change you for the better!!

My challenge this week is to read Moroni 10 and take the challenge that Moroni gives in verses 3-5 and truly have a testimony of the Book Of Mormon! It will change your life!!


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