The Way Good Week!

Well this week has been alright! I’ve been doing lots of ER runs with another companion…. haha crazy stories! We had Zone Conference yesterday, hence why I am writing today!! What an amazing Conference that was!! It all started with a ONE on ONE INTERVIEW WITH ELDER PETER F. MEURS!!!!!!! That was soooooooo good!! It was fun to just talk about how my mission is going and how I can better my growth as a missionary!! What an awesome day that was and he gave me a hug after the interview as we were exiting the room! Crazy good stuff! We talked a lot about helping members and “lifting them up” in their callings! We are using a new term in our mission called “stringing the bow” 1 Nephi 16:23 is when Nephi makes a bow and arrows from wood! It’s about how his father lost hope on obtaining food but, when Nephi made the bow and said where shall I hunt his father regained that hope. So that is basically what we are doing by strengthening members and giving them new hope that our wards and branches can grow!! Well this week has had its highs and had its lows!!

My Challenge this week (I haven’t done one for a while…) is to learn The Doctrine Of Christ!

2 Nephi 31

3 Nephi 11

3 Nephi 27

They all talk about the D.O.C.

Love you all!!

Have an awesome week!


Elder Golder

P.S. American Health Care is loads better….. haha


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