Wow, Time Flies!!!

Well, time is just cruising by! I am starting my 6/17 transfers!! Crazy how much time flies when you are having fun doing missionary work! Last week, we found four new investigators who are really wanting to learn the gospel!! There are so many miracles that our Heavenly Father gives us every single day! I am so grateful to be on a mission even at times it can be hard. There are so many lessons that I have learned and taught to me personally! We all have to want to help our brothers and sisters come unto the fold! Mosiah 28:3 is a scripture that every person should do, especially missionaries! Well I will be staying in Saint John for another and it is going to be a blast!

Well lots has happened and let’s just say that I am very grateful I brought my onesie to district meeting because I ripped my pants….. it was pretty funny…. it was a grand time!! I have had fun times meeting people and how sometimes they can be a little crazy!! It’s all part of missionary’s work!!

Well I hope the Priests back in the home ward email me where they are going on there missions because it is getting to that time!

Well, Love You All!! Have an awesome week!


Elder Golder

The picture of me in my onesie is when I ripped my pants (I got to exercise more….)


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