The Crazy Week!

Well, this week has been a crazy one for sure! It all started with Zone Conference and dang, what an awesome conference that was!! All we talked about was the Doctrine of Christ and how we as missionaries need to use it in our everyday lives. We need to use it when we are teaching not just for the lesson, but mixed with other lessons!! It was a good one! We had lots of lessons fall through, which was rough but it was a growing experience on realizing on how important it is to follow up with people! We had also exchanges with our District Leader and those were awesome, just like usual maybe even better! Plus I got a birthday lunch that awesome! Oh ya, it was also my birthday… that was good for the most part! Different, but still good! We then had lots of preparations for the baptism of Matthew!! He was baptized on Saturday night and is the newest member of the Saint John Ward!

Well, hope everybody had a great week!

Still want to hear from lots of people!!


Elder Golder


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