Up On the Rooftop…

***Editor’s Note – this letter was from last week. Elder Golder will be writing on Wednesday this week due to transfers. Thank you!

Well, this week started alright with going up on the roof top of a members home to tar around their chimney! As I was working with the tar, the brush and wood pieces got messed up so I took off the gloves I was wearing and just used my hands (the tar was cold). My appreciation for Joseph Smith and what he went through when he was restoring the church to the Earth, grew immensely! We had a Mini Zone Conference on Wednesday to discuss our 2017 mission goals and to discuss Surge Week which, started yesterday and goes until this upcoming Sunday! We have to get 30+ hours of finding which is going to be a piece of cake! But, the lesson of hard work and dedication are really going to show this week! We had a snow day Sunday yesterday and we went shoveling for a couple hours with our Branch President and his son! It was a blast to help others and to give pass along cards to “mormon.org” to help people see the happiness of the Gospel!! Well, I walked down Memory Lane this week and Knocked It!

Hope Everybody has a great week!

Just a reminder about the challenge! Keep up on it!

Also, I won’t be writing until Wednesday next week because of transfers!

Still want to hear from some people! (aka Cousins, Friends, and Everybody!)


Elder Golder


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