Find the Faith!!!

Well, this week has been a good one! We went on exchanges and had an exchange within that… Elder Ray and I went to exchange for Elder Alger and it was fun to chat about missions and how they have helped in our lives and even our futures! I have been reading lots of talks and pondering, trying to figure out questions I have had pop up in my mind lately. I figured out a couple of answers but, most importantly I figured out something that I didn’t even see before! It is in President Uchtdorf’s talk, “Fourth Floor, Last Door.” We can’t change the will of God and most importantly, we can’t change someone’s agency! I have been doing lots of knocking trying to find somebody to teach and it is sad that I am going on 6 weeks without a lesson for an actual investigator…. I know somebody is in Summerside and needing this message! That is why I read this talk and it has become very apparent on why I can’t give up on a street or an apartment building!

In that talk Elder Holland says:

 “Faith is powerful, and often it does result in miracles. But no matter how much faith we have, there are two things faith cannot do. For one, it cannot violate another person’s agency”

“The second thing faith cannot do is force our will upon God. We cannot force God to comply with our desires”

“No, the purpose of faith is not to change God’s will but to empower us to act on God’s will. Faith is trust-trust that God sees what we cannot and that he knows what we do not.”

Well hope everybody has a great week and don’t forget to read the Book of Mormon!!


Elder Golder

We went bowling and there were only 5 pins and the balls were the size of mini foam ball! It was great! And you can tell who won in the last couple of rolls… haha


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