Christmas is Already Over?!?!?!??!?!?!?

Well, what a week it has been! Lots of fun things especially Christmas!!! Well this week has been pretty normal! Still lots of knocking going on! We have a couple potentials lined up for this upcoming week after we go on exchanges tonight and tomorrow! We got fed lots and well, oh the weight I am gaining (it’s for the Lord) {inside joke} @ Sister Killpack! Haha! We had a Christmas Brunch at the Edward’s house!!! They hooked us up!! They have been such a blessing to us missionaries! They made us stockings!! They also let us Skype home from their house!! We also got fed by the Peters! Dang that was loads of food we got from them! Well, Christmas away from home wasn’t has bad everybody made it out to be! Just felt like any other Christmas except that I was in a suit and tie all day and was wearing a name tag! I am glad for technology and being able to Skype with my sister also with my family! It was amazing to see my sister!!!!!

Well here’s to 2017, have a Happy New Year and don’t party too hard!!!

Remember next week I start the challenge I made last week!! (Sunday I start it!)

Still want to hear from some friends and family!!!


Elder Golder

P.S. Read the article and look at the Reverend’s name!! HAHAHA


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