Transfer #3 Down!?!?!?!?!

Well shoot, down goes another transfer!! This past transfer has been truly the breaking down and refining transfer for me and to rebuild into a better missionary and in general a better person! Well, I am staying in Summerside for another 6 weeks but, I am pretty sure after this one I am moving on. This past week has been so much fun and have done so much service! I have moved two pianos, helped a family move, folded and hung clothes for a clothing drive and stacked yet more wood. The pianos were no light pianos either…. One was a 1910 upright and the other was a 1905 (I think) upright grand which, shoot dang that sucker was heavy… Prince Edward Island is getting all new missionaries except 4 of us (Sister Osborn, Elder Ray, Elder Phillips, and I) Yes, I am getting a new companion… I am sad about it but, it is for the best. There is going to be lots of hard goodbyes and see you laters said within the next few days… Like Elder Smith and Elder Browning, Elder Foy my trainee (he gets to go to Newfoundland)…a big hard goodbye/see you later is Sister Taylor, shoot dang we have been through some crazy adventures and have both helped this area regrow and to get the work furnishing together! She has been there through the rough times and the good times and has helped me as all the others push through this past transfer! God be with you ‘til we meet again (in 19 months). I am so glad I had the chance to serve with her and how she has shown me the ways in missionary work! Just as all the other missionaries I have worked with! I just love being a missionary and doing what the Lord wants me to be doing! I am grateful that I am on a mission and helping people come closer to Christ and feel the love he has for them in their life!

Challenge for the week: Do something nice or a service for somebody without them knowing! Just a simple plate of cookies or a note left on their door!

Well, I am looking forward to Christmas. I still want to hear from people and hope everybody has a great week!


Elder Golder


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