Christmas Time!!!

Well this week has been a great one! I am glad that I got to work construction for my Uncle Dave a little bit before I came out on my mission! That work helped me because I was one of the main people to help build a float! I was challenged to make it like a Disney Float, where the people are really high in the air! (this is where construction and the use of power tools come into play) Elder Foy and I made a stand that connected to the sides of the trailer that made (Mary and Joseph) 8-9 feet in the air! I am glad for power tools and the knowledge I had before coming out on the mission about that! We passed out over a 1,000 Light the World cards and 400 little candy canes. It was sad to see that the branch was the only float that had Mary and Joseph on it! I am so excited for Christmas and to be able to help others and to truly remember the true meaning of Christmas!

Scripture of the week: John 14: 26-27

Let’s bring the world peace this Christmas season!

Still want to here from lots of people!

Big shout out to My Brother it’s his Birthday this week! Happy Early Birthday!!


Elder Golder


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