Coming Closer to Christ…

Well this week has been a good one! The Zone Training I gave went really well! The focus was member missionary work for less actives and recent converts. Thursday night was a rough night for me. All the pressure that had been building up broke and I cracked and I was just in a bad mood and didn’t want to talk to anybody. The Brewster’s came over and Elder brewster and I talked and I really saw the importance of letting Christ into our life fully! Other than that our week has been really good! The Christmas initiative is going to be so much fun and bring EVERYBODY TO CHRIST! I am so excited for Christmas! I know that has we allow the Savior more into our life then we will see the fullness and the blessings more promptly.

3 Nephi 12:16 Scripture of the week!

Challenge: On Friday go to and check the website out for Christmas and lets make this Christmas season better than ever before!

I love everybody and still want to hear from everybody!

P.S.: Congratulations to Bingham High for winning state! Proud of all of you!


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