Payload Payoffs…

Well this week has been a great one. We had a very successful week in teaching and finding people to teach! We had Mission President Interviews after District Meeting on Wednesday! I love just talking to the Mission President and figuring out things in our area and just to talk!!We were introduced to the Christmas Initiative for this year and dang it’s going to be a good one!! We are being trained on it this Saturday, the 19th. I get to give my First Training with three other missionaries about retaining members and reactivating those who have been lost! I am so excited to give it, I will be the young gun of the group!

My challenge for everybody this week is to read 3 Nephi 11 and 12 (chapters) and see what you can get out of when Christ came to the Americas! I still want to hear from some people! (aka cousins, Family, and Friends!!!!)

Hope everybody has a good week and remember to do what is best and strive to be like Him in everything you do!


Elder Golder


One comment

  1. Hi Elder Golder (Austin)
    Thank you for letting me know what you are doing. I am proud of you. Remember obedience is greater than sacrifice.
    Love Opa


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