Heavy Loads and Tender Mercies…

Well, this week was a great one! It started out with having a p-day, then we had some elders from Montague stay over because we were driving to Moncton the next morning for Zone Conference! WOW Zone Conference blew me away! We had a big discussion about using the Book of Mormon more in lessons and how we can better give witnesses of the Holy Ghost! Doctrine & Covenants 42 talks about what we had a discussion on! (It’s the law of the church basically). Well we move on to Wednesday where we go out to a member’s home to do service and move tree branches off of her driveway into the back. It was a big tug-of-war because they were mixed in with a bunch of bushes. I won the tug-of-wars too (haha). Thursday morning during our studies, we got a text from our Branch Mission Leader and he asked if we could come move about 1500-1700 pounds of fire breaks out of his truck! We hopped right over after studies. Then we get a call about 5 minutes after getting the text from our Branch President asking if we could move a fridge upstairs for one of their guests (they own a bed and breakfast). I asked him if we wanted to try and get the big 100 gallon oil take out of the basement while we were there. That was a struggle…I kinda got messy. Just a little bit. Then Sunday comes along and our Branch Mission Leader had just gotten off of a night shift and was totally exhausted so, I taught Gospel Principles. When I walked into Priesthood meeting the Elders Quorum President was like, “ you’re teaching today” and I was like, “oh, okay.” So I just looked up Elder Holland’s talk about Home Teaching that he gave in General Priesthood Session and we just talked about Home Teaching. But, in the middle of the lesson the church phone rings and I run and go answer it, and a lady wants the stop smoking program that we have and so we are meeting with her hopefully tonight!

Challenge week! Read D&C 42 and see what you can gain out of it! Email me what you think! Have a good week!


Elder Golder


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