Transfers #2 Down…

Hey everybody how is it going? Well I am staying in Summerside and my companion is going to Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. I will be training this transfer and I am very excited about that and to be able to show a new Elder the ropes of the Canada Halifax Mission!! This week has been a long one because of transfers and I have seen lots of weird things…

Last Monday: Had a couple lessons in the evening, they went good and have almost 2 of our 3 gators on date…

Last Tuesday: Normal day, street contacting, seeing formers and potentials, and just speaking to everybody in between.

Last Wednesday: We had a district meeting and it was great! We had lots of training for the winter months and learning that having so much charity in us that we are just constantly helping others for the good and to help bring them unto Christ. We also went on exchanges and when Elder Dooley (DL) and I went knocking around 7 (my time 4 Utah time) it was pitch black and we had forgotten our flash lights back at the apartment… So we had no clue where we were walking and apparently we got walking in the back of this persons property and we had no clue. When we were just finishing up knocking we looked up and you could see the whole Milky Way! It was amazing!!

Last Thursday: Finished exchanges and we had a dinner appointment at 5 that night. We were in Montague which is about 1 ½ hours back to Summerside and we didn’t leave until about 3:45ish… let’s just say we got there right on time…haha but we finished our night seeing less-actives…

Last Friday: Here we go…well we have a potential family out in Sea View which is about 45 minutes Northeast from Summerside…so, us and the sisters drove out there to help them with their straw barn they are making for some animals. It started raining on us so we went in and talked a little about our beliefs and what our stances were. He is non-denominational and believes in Jesus Christ and the healing power He can have right then and there… (well, I had hurt my ankle before coming on my mission and it has a popping noise every time I walk on it) so, when he heard the popping, he asked if I had the faith that Christ could heal my ankle right then and there…I said yes and he ran over grabbed my ankle and blessed it…(awkwardest thing in my life) he does it about 9 more times. I finally said we have to go which we did… and that is the end of that…. haha

The rest of the week went by as usual and nothing exciting happened after that, but I am staying in Summerside and training a new missionary. So, it should be fun!! Hope everybody’s week went great!!


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