Solid Investigators…

Well, this week has been good!! We have had lots of lessons with our investigators… (member present ones)… Our investigator Praveen, had so many wonderful questions and asked, “How can he feel the spirit more in his life? Can others pray for help in feeling the spirit?” We addressed those questions and told him that we have and will pray for him to feel the spirit more in his life. He texts us the day before our next lesson to ask if there is any material he can read or look at for the upcoming lesson! We had given him a baptismal date but, he wants that firm “yes” that he is on the right path before he says yes!! We had another lesson with Wendell and it was alright…. He didn’t go rambling off about other topics like in the past. He was very sincere about what we had to teach that day…. We committed him to come to the branch linger-longer after church on the 23rd after Branch Conference. We have seen so much success and growth in Summerside over the past 11 weeks! It started so slow, but now we have to worry about getting too many members to lessons!!

In my studies yesterday, I was reading in Alma 50: 1-6 and it talks about how Moroni fortified the surrounding cities. Verse 1 it talks about making heaps of earth which, is like the distance we have to put ourselves from sin/the Lamanites. Verses 2&3 talk about timbers and frame of pickets built which is like our testimony – the stronger, taller wall and the sharper the pickets is like our testimony. Verse 4 is about towers and how they are a look out which you could call awareness of the potential sin/Lamanites that are attacking. Verse 5 is about the stones which, is our knowledge to defeat or throw at Satan and the sins to crush all who get close to you.

I know that as we strive to fortify ourselves like Moroni did to the cities, that we will never be beaten by the Satan and his deception! My challenge is to fortify ourselves to never be put down by Satan and his cunning plan of evilness!!


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