Escape Room Alpacas Pie…

This week has been another stressful one but, for a good reason! Elder Warren and I made an escape room for a branch activity. It was a huge success!! We had 4 less actives come and we had about 25ish members there. Our branch has been seeing lots of less active people come back to church and its awesome how much they can feel the Spirit. Church is always fun for surprises… We were street teaching downtown by the boardwalk and we ran into a man that was from India. I felt so impressed to talk to him, that I ran up and introduced myself and Elder Warren! We told him our message and gave him a Book of Mormon to read and told him about church services the next day… HE CAME!! I ran to the back of the chapel and shook his hand and he was grateful for the warm feeling we gave him and the branch members after Sacrament… He also came to Sunday School which was prefect because we had a lesson on honesty…. We didn’t have time to stay for Priesthood, but he was so grateful for the warm feeling that everybody gave him!! He said to a member, “I have never felt so welcome into a church before and I was really feeling loved and I felt the Spirit.” It was awesome!!! I am so glad I get to meet so many cool people from different places around the world…


One comment

  1. Lemon meringue pies!! Great-Grandma Burgen’s “Bob Hope Lemon Meringue Pie” Recipe !! Taught to Grandma Z, taught to your Mom, taught to Elder Golder! WOW!! Four generation pie! Good job Elder, proud of you. Even more proud of you following the spirit that guides you to those who seek the Gospel of Christ.

    Love you – Grandma Z


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