Conference Week!

Well Ladies and Gents, Conference was the bomb!!! There were so many great messages that were spoken and so glad for this wonderful gospel that we believe in!!!! This week has been a little on the stressful side because we had a Member Missionary Blitz week where all week we just do things to help members get involved with missionary work… I love how just at the end of the week Dallin H. Oaks talked about how we are all supposed to share the Gospel WITH EVERYONE. We need to all understand that if we spread the gospel and plant those seeds into people’s lives, then how much more closer do they get to feel of our Heavenly Father’s and Jesus Christ’s love. I am out here not to just baptize but, to bring the joy we all have in our life to many others who have not yet received the fullness of the joyous gospel! We all need to be the servants of the Lord and spread the gospel just as He did! We have a mission culture and the 5th point is to speak with everyone and ask “who do you know who” and just give that special attention to those who need an uplifting message!! Don’t be a lazy bum just like the Home Teachers in Jeffery R. Hollands talk…but, be the servants and the righteous saints He wants us to be…

I still want to hear from lots of family and friends!! Have a great week!


One comment

  1. Hi Elder Austin
    Thank you. You are beginning to understand my testimony. At the end of the month I am speaking to our young people in the ward. They requested me to speak on the 5th Sunday. I am proud of you. Keep me in your prayers so I can say what they need to hear.


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