Successful and Humbleness

This week has been full of many successes and full of humbleness. Well, to start we had an awesome zone training! Got me pumped for retention/reactivation and so far it is starting to become a big thing for the branch! We talked about it for over 30 minutes in Branch Council yesterday! We then started moving forward with the week and we find a man while street teaching and we set an appointment up because he had some questions about the church and the Book Of Mormon. He took a copy of it and we told him to read from it and see if he had any more questions for the appointment. We get to his house the next day and walk in (with a member present) and he set the time up that him and his girlfriend would both learn and hear the lesson! She was very interested and he was to. We talked about expectations and started to tell him how the Book of Mormon came to be and how the church was formed (basically the Restoration lesson). We close and set an appointment for tonight at 7:30! We met a potential on Saturday, when we got there we walked into a lesson… (we were just hoping to set a time to meet) anyways we have an alright lesson and we set a date up for the next day (Sunday) to go back and teach again…. He wasn’t home… but, we plan on seeing him tomorrow! Saturday night was a night that was so stressful that it hurt… Our really solid investigator, Matthew, texted us saying he won’t be at church and we could meet him around 7:45ish Sunday night….Well it turned out that there was toomuch on his plate and he dropped us… He said “I would maybe come back when things get settled again.” We got him to keep the Book of Mormon we gave him and told him just to remember to pray!

Well this week has shown me so much and has humbled me to the max! We all need to remember to get on our knees and humble ourselves before our Heavenly Father! Alma 13:28-29. Hope everybody has a good week I still want to hear from some people!


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