A Crazy Week 5!

Well, this week was an eye opener… We got a new investigator named, Alfie… His house was horrible and he has many addictions…. We helped him start cleaning his house and changing his life for the better… We have about six black bags full of garbage, old food and nasty other things… He has committed to come to church and read and pray about the Book of Mormon… I also have had gained a stronger testimony from seeing from the investigators perspective and to know what they need and the spiritual impact you can have on them.

We had another great lesson with our older investigator Matthew… We taught him the Word of Wisdom and helped him to pray. He has came to church for the past three weeks and has been loving it! In Sacrament Meeting, I was sitting by him while my companion sat next to our new investigator (sight and sound)…it was during testimony meeting when I asked him if he had given any thought to the baptismal question we asked him a couple lessons before. He said, “Yeah I have and I really want to, but I don’t know if I can quit smoking….” I proceeded to say, “We are here for you and want the best for you, Elder Warren and I have been thinking of a date for your baptism, and we think that October 10th is a good date. What do you think about that?” He said yeah, if he gets a good feeling and if we can get him to quit smoking…I was so pumped!

Well transfers are next week and I will be writing probably Wednesday…. I hope you all can email me, I would love to hear from you!

Just remember to have the charity for all and to always welcome and help anyone that needs help! Talk to Everyone! Even if it’s a “hey” and a smile and wave!


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