Turn Outward…

I finally have an investigator and his name is Matthew. He is a really good guy and wants to change! I had made myself a promise in the MTC that when I had my first male investigator, I would give one of my white shirts and a tie to him… I am glad I made that decision because he didn’t have any at all. He works two jobs which don’t pay well and it is really hard for him to buy things… I am so humbled by his kindness and how charity is the pure love of Christ!! I challenge everybody in the words of Elder Bednar to, “Turn outward toward the people and don’t turn inward to yourself.”

I love my branch! The members fed us everyday except for Saturday, which helps us keep food in the apartment. I get to teach Gospel Principles a lot because there are only 50 members in the branch and everybody has more than one calling. I try to help whenever I can!!

I am very grateful for all of my cousins and the example they have set for me. They have accomplished good things in their lives and for some of them even serving missions and helping to spread the gospel!! I am so grateful for eternal families and that I live in one and have a family like I do!!
Update:  This is what 6” of rain in 25 minutes looks like!


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