Empty Sea…aka MTC

It’s been quite an emotional, wonderful, odd 24 hours for sure.  As I (Mom, Kim, Bawl Baby…) calmed my tears and nerves, I sat down to download some of the pics that had been taken over the past day.  I had an email notification on my computer and thought, “…oh I can’t deal with anything right now…”, BUT IT WAS ELDER GOLDER.  Wha???  Hugest tender mercy ever???  So, here are Elder Austin Golder’s first words from the MTC…
“hey guys i am already loving this and for the 30 minutes i have been here and feel the spirit so much! i love you guys!”
Ok, so I’ll work on some basic proof-reading skills once I recover from the heart-attack I just had.  I’ll now go back to my original plan of taking a nap.  Thanks to all of those who in some way have helped our family, especially during the past 18 years…
Much love,

Mom aka Kim aka Bawl Baby



  1. Elder Golder. From the first moment I met you a few years ago, I was impressed with the kind, hard working and wonderful young manstanding in front of me. I am more impressed now with you and your desire to serve. I wish you the very best. Lots of prayers going your way.


  2. Mama cry baby, I am so happy for your son, he is growing up with loving parents and grandparents and he has a family that loves him very much.

    Now he’s off to grow into a fine young man to help others and preach to others his love that he has learned from you. Your love will go on forever


  3. Elder Golder be happy in the service of the Lord. There are very few things in this life that will make you happier than serving brothers and sisters. Go get ’em kiddo and teach them that which will change their life forever.
    Love you always and forever! Grandma & Papa


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