The Best Two Years For My Life…

Words can not explain the love I have for the people of the Atlantic Providences. I have grown to see changes in my life and the life of others as well! The mission has helped me see the importance of the gospel in all of our life! We need to do the small and simple things like reading the scriptures everyday, praying, going to church every week, understanding the gospel truths that the Book of Mormon has. I have seen a big impact on my life from my Savior, Jesus Christ. He has helped me become better and learn how to shape my life! I am so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. This solution to our roadblocks (sin) is the most powerful solution ever. We can access it through Faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism (if we are already baptized, partaking if the Sacrament is they way we renew that covenant and other covenants we have made), receiving the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End.

I have met a lot of awesome people but, most of all the missionaries that are around me! I have learned so much from them. They are so awesome! I am grateful for the friendships I have made with the people out here!

I am so grateful for the changes I have made and the testimony I have grown! I am so grateful!

Well this is it! See you all on Friday! If you want to come to the airport message my mother for the times!


Elder Golder


Next to the Last Letter…

Okay, not fair! The weeks are just cooking by! Seeing all these last emails is like…what?? That is me next week! Well, this week has been a good one! Elder Pitcher and I have been doing lots of finding! So, really nothing too exciting happened, other than the beautiful weather we are having! I am excited to see all of you next week. I will have more to write about next week! I have exchanges with the Corner Brook Elders tomorrow and Thursday! Then, lots on the weekend!

Well, I hope you have a wonderful week! Don’t forget to write me! (For those who Don’t! Haha) Don’t forget also to read the Book of Mormon daily! An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a page a day keeps Satan away!

Love you all!

Elder Golder

Wow, Where’d That Week Go???

Well, it was a really fun week! Lots happened! So let’s go!

Wednesday was a day full of travel! I basically drove from Salt Lake to St. George 4 times. We had 15 hours of driving that day. We had a great district meeting! I gave a training on conversion, which was really good I think… Then, we drove from Corner Brook to Bay Roberts because we had an exchange down there. It was really nice to see how God has created so many beautiful lands and wildlife.

Thursday was an awesome day! I got to go out finding in the morning with Elder Nelson! He is such a good Elder! He really has taught me how to not beat around the bush…it was really good! Then I went out with Elder Leavitt. He was my last companion in Saint John. It was fun to see how applying the Doctrine of Christ can change you. It was fun to see the changes..

Friday was literally a blurrrrrrrrrr.

Saturday, we had a good day. Lots of finding. We had a birthday party for a part-member family. It was really good.

Sunday…that was a rough day. I started to cry when I was closing the blessing of the water during the Sacrament. The Spirit testified to me how much these members appreciate the blessing of the Sacrament in their life. It was a really good day! We had a branch potluck with Gander. That was really fun! #HAPPYCANADADAY!

Monday was quick in it self. Really a blur…

Well, here I am now writing this email…we were in Twilingate this morning so, that was fun!

Well, I hope you are all reading the scriptures daily! If not – repent and be better!

Love You,

Elder Golder

Lots of Tears

Well, what a week it was! Lots happened and there were lots of miracles! So, to start off on Wednesday, in the morning, we went and did service for a part member family! It was really good other than I got slayed by the bugs! I have like 10 bug bites.😑 Then Wednesday night, I went on exchanges with Elder Mayoros which was a lot of fun! I love that kid! He is a good Elder!

Thursday was another exchange day! I went with Elder Hatch during the morning and afternoon. We saw a miracle while tech finding. When all four of us where sitting down to tech find, we got a text from President Pratt saying his flight was delayed and that he had to move Elder Pitcher and I’s interviews…because of that, Elder Pitcher was able to find a girl who was wondering about the church. They went and taught her and she seems so cool! Elder Mayoros and I went out again that night and knocked a lot which was really good! Talked to a few people!

Friday was an emotional day! It was my last Zone Conference for my two years as a missionary! President Pratt and I had an interview and it was really good! It solidified my career choice and other things that I needed to hear! At the end of each Zone Conference, the departing missionaries for the transfer bear their testimonies. Well, I cried like a baby… haha😢😭 it was weird to think I was at that point. And how I used to be like, “that will never be me…” Well, it was me this past weekend! Friday night we had the Assistants stay with us for exchanges! It was really fun! I got to go out Friday night with Elder Miller! It was a really good to have some old memories come back while we were knocking and having a lesson with a recent convert!

Saturday, Elder Cox and I went out! Oh my goodness! He is so much fun to be around! He is such a goof ball! I love it! We found some cool people but nothing came of it.. we had loads of fun! Saturday afternoon, we had to take them to the airport to send them back to Halifax! One of our old investigators got married and we made it just in time to hear them say I do and kiss… Later that night, we were invited to sit at the head table with them and I got the privilege to say “grace” over the food. It was really cool, lots of non-members there.

Well, on Sunday we had 2 MEMBERS at church, 1 non-member, and two missionaries… Well, that was weird, but oh well! We had a good day. We had to make up weekly planning so we did that. But Sunday night at 9:45 at night a potential calls us… I answer the phone and start talking to him and basically he knows the Church is true and that he has known since 1993… So, while I was asking him some questions I asked him, “what do you think you need to do in order to become a member?” He said, “I don’t know, what do I need to do?” I said, “be baptized by proper Authority, we have a baptismal service being held July 16, 2018, would you prepare yourself to be baptized that day?” He said “yes!” I literally was on cloud nine when he said that. He committed to come to church and have a couple of lessons this week! I am so excited! It is a miracle that happened!

Monday rolls around and guess what? It was a good day! But, except when the night time came! When I wake up Tuesday morning, June 26, 2018 to see 2-4 inches of heavy…… wet…….. snow!!!!!!!!☠☠😡 Literally, it is almost July and I have snow right now! It was awful! Oh Well!

I just want to say step back and look at all of the miracles you have seen in your life! God is there because we see miracles happen!

Love you all!

Elder Golder

157.5 Finding Hours!

Wow, what a week it has been! So, I really don’t have much to talk about in this email. I will next week because we have two exchanges this weekend.

So, we had a focus this week to count finding hours to make sure we are finding constantly and effectively. Elder Pitcher and I found for 29 hours this week. It was really good! Found a lot of good solid potentials that we are following up with this week! Elder Pitcher and I’ s zone found for 157.5 hours in a single week. It averages about 22.5 hours per companionship in the zone! It was good to see that!

Well, I hope you all have a great week!


Elder Golder


1. Family home night with the group

2. My dinner the other night

Elder Bednar!!!

Wow, what a week it has been! So, it started with saying goodbye to Elder Miller. He went to Halifax to be an AP! I spent Wednesday afternoon and Thursday with the Gander Senior Couple. It was really fun. My companion landed in Gander around 1 o’clock in the morning Friday! So, it was a late night, but surprisingly I wasn’t tired!

Saturday started the journey, when we had some Skype calls in the morning with the District Leaders in the Zone! We then finished getting things done so that we could start traveling to St John’s to see Elder Bednar! So, basically Saturday was lots of driving!

Sunday was the big day! We had Elder Bennett and his wife, Elder Carpenter and his wife, and Elder Bednar and his wife! Wow, what a powerhouse team to come to Newfoundland. All of the talks were so so good!

Elder Bednar taught the Restoration so simply that even a 5 year-old could understand it. It was truly amazing! From that he promised 2 things:

1. To study what we know so that it builds a firmer foundation for us.

2. Ask, seek, and knock for if we do this we will receive answers to our questions.

Elder Bednar also talked about “anti” Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He basically said why look at anti when you know it is false. He shared an experience of young returned missionaries who were struggling and he gave them these 2 questions:

1. What source are you getting your information from? Is it a reliable source? If it is not reliable then why are you throwing out your all your learning and understanding from the time you were in Primary until now?

2. Are you reading the Book of Mormon as much as you look at anti-literature?

It is so true – why question things when you know the truth? We spend most of our brining up learning about God, Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and etc. When we are not doing the small and simple things, then what are you doing? We are allowing Satan to destroy our testimony and our conversion to the Gospel?

This is my challenge to all of you! If you have problems with the doctrine of Jesus Christ, or your testimony, then read the Book of Mormon daily and do the small and simple things (go to church, read the Book of Mormon, pray, be obedient to God’s commandments) I know this can help! This weekend has been a wonderful time to reflect and listen to the words of an a apostle of the Lord!

Love you all!

Elder Golder

Sorry that is the only picture from this week I will do better next week!

Staying in Grand Falls for My Last Transfer!

What is happening with time??? Well, transfers are upon us. I will be staying in Grand Falls for the last six weeks of my mission. It is going to be loads of fun! Well, this week we had exchanges with our District Leader, Elder Mayoros. It was a lot of fun! Saturday was a highlight of the week! The Gander Sisters had a baptism of an entire family! It was so so spiritual! Elder Miller got to baptize the husband, then a member baptized the wife, and Elder Smith baptized their daughter! I was able to conduct the service! It was a really good day!

I have been reading lots of the Book of Mormon and trying to finish it before I go home (it should be easy). I am reading about King Benjamin and his counsel to the people. I love chapter 3, it probably is one of my favorite chapters! I encourage you all to read that sermon that King Benjamin gave!

Well, hope you all have a fantastic week!

Love you B’ys

Elder Golder

Oh yeah, June 3, 2018 we got 6 inches of snow…………….. so yeah….. awful. . . . . . . . . . . .

Leadership Conference!

Wow, what a fun week it has been! It all started Tuesday night when we had to drive to Gander and sleep there so we could be to the airport at 5:00 in the morning Wednesday! We caught a flight at 6:00 Wednesday morning and got to Halifax around 8:00 am. The AP’s picked us up so that we could go on “exchanges.” We went and planned and studied at the AP’s apartment. I had a bomb study of the apostasy! Read 2 Nephi chapters 27-29. That is where most of my study was and also studying it in Preach My Gospel. That study really helped me see the importance of why we need to be converted to the gospel! We later went to District Meeting. We Skyped in from Halifax. We had a great District Meeting. After we went and had lunch, did a companion study and planned for a Book of Mormon booth for that night. Downtown Halifax is so much fun to contact people! So so so many people! I got to the point when I went walking down the street with an elder with a question on a white board for people to answer. We struck up some awesome conversations. By the end of it, I had walked 20,000+ steps in one day! So, we got to the apartment and other elders show up because they were staying with us for Leadership Conference. Let just say we didn’t get to bed until like 1:00 in the morning because we all were talking and laughing while we were in bed!

Thursday morning came quick as a 5 o’clock wake up call came! We got to Leadership Conference around 8:45 and it started around 9:30 when we all were to be studying. Let the Leadership Conference begin! Wow, so many good trainings about “Having high love and High expectations, our contacting and teaching, Ether 12:27/mistakes, planning and prioritizing, personal study, implementing training, goals and weekly planning and following through, miracles, obedience, to having a discussion/Q&A with President Pratt and Sister Pratt.” Those were all the trainings we got during Thursday and half of Friday.

Friday afternoon and evening (before we caught a 10 o’clock flight back to Newfoundland) we went with the Halifax Elders (Elder Olson and Elder Leavitt) and went and did another booth. Man, some people were mean but, some accepted the challenge to go read the Book of Mormon. We got to the airport around 8p.m. We came to find out that our flight was delayed and wasn’t leaving until 10:00. When we landed we were welcomed by 1.5 feet of SNOW!!! That sucked…

Well that was the meat of the week!

I encourage you all to read those chapters above and grow your testimony even more about the Book of Mormon and the Power that is behind It!

Love you all! I hope you all had a fun Memorial Day weekend!

Elder Golder the Older

Refining Week…

Well, this week went by fast as usual. Really nothing happened this week other than we did the usual finding grind. We had exchanges with the Bay Roberts Elders which was really fun! It was a good learning experience for all of us. We have had lots of dropped lessons and investigators this week but, we have high hopes for the next couple weeks! So we have been doing lots of technology finding lately (trying to become pro at it.) Elder Miller posted an ad for a free Book of Mormon and we got a hit! She lives about an hour and 20 minutes away… So, Sunday afternoon we drove out there and picked her up as an investigator! She is really solid and has had a rough past but wants to learn about the Gospel and the Book of Mormon!

Next week will be a big letter because we travel to Leadership Conference at 6 in the morning tomorrow! Yay!!!

Love you all!

Please don’t forget to read the Book of Mormon it truly does have power behind it!!

Elder Golder

Mother’s Day & Two Months Left???

Well, what a fun week we had here in Newfoundland! Well, it starts off with exchanges with the Corner Brook Elders. They came here…I got to work with Elder Hatch Wednesday night and Thursday morning which was really fun! It was good to see him still have his greenie fire! Thursday, we went out to an outer area called, Comfort Cove. It is a small fishing village. There are lots of those around here… Thursday afternoon and evening I got to work with Elder Mayoros! What a stud he is! It was fun contacting with him. We were going out after dinner and we followed up with some potentials and we all the sudden got so so thirsty… We went walking to find this small little corner store to find water. Haha it was fun time…

Friday, we had a really good Zone Conference. We talked about baptismal invitations, car maintenance, and the Book of Mormon! The AP’s gave a training/presentation about what they did with sharing the Book of Mormon. They set up a booth in downtown Halifax where there are loads of people and asked them to read a page (of the Book of Mormon) and mark every time it mentions God, Jesus Christ, or other references. They were able to give out like 30-40 Books of Mormon that day! It was really cool to see and hear. Saturday got really wrecked..

Saturday, we had interviews with President Pratt but he was going to be late so he pushed us back 2 hours… but, when we got to the Gander Senior couple’s home we found out that the Gander Sisters were late so our night was wrecked.. oh well!

Sunday was a great day! I got to Skype home with family which was really nice! Good to see their faces..

Well, I hope you all have the chance to read the Book of Mormon and share it with somebody.

Love you B’ys

Elder Golder

Oh yeah the picture with the crab was fresh snow crab. I didn’t have enough money to buy some but, I accidentally dropped it on its face.. #facialdisgracial